New Season, New Habits

It’s the start of the 2018 racing season this week which means everything is about to shift into “race season” mode.  I definitely am a creature of habit during the race season.  I rebook the same hotels, stop at the same gas stations, and eat the same food I always do at the track. I know you are probably the same. It’s not a bad thing at all, however I do realize that if I want to make any changes to the routine I better make up my mind now before I get set in my ways again.

So before the routine becomes habit let’s take a step back and analyze how well we’ve been able to incorporate maintaining our spiritual lives during the race season in the past. Racing is a demanding sport that takes incredible amounts of time, resources, as well as physical and mental energy.  If you’ve found it difficult to explore and pursue the Lord during the race season, you’re not alone.

Whenever things are chaotic and busy I have found it useful just to pick a passage from the Bible and make it my anthem for that particular season.  For the start of the 2018 season let’s begin to explore Psalms 62:5-8.  We’ll do a quick overview of the passage this week and then dive into it verse by verse in the weeks to come:

5.  My soul, wait in silence for God only,
     For my hope is from Him.
6.  He only is my rock and my salvation,
     My stronghold; I shall not be shaken.
7.  On God my salvation and my glory rest;
     The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God.
8.  Trust in Him at all times, O people;
     Pour out your heart before Him;
     God is a refuge for us. 

This passage in Psalms is an incredible expression from David about his desire for the Lord, and his confidence in Him.  In verse 5, David expresses his willingness to posture himself before the Lord to receive from Him.  He set aside all the external distractions to ensure he was not trying to achieve everything on his own, but that the source of hope was in God.

In verse 6, David affirms that only in the Lord will he have the foundation in place to build off of. David was an ambitious guy who achieved great things, but it wasn’t without difficulty or error.  David needed the Lord as his anchor.    In verse 7, David again affirms that the Lord is rock, his foundation, but this time in the context of rest.  It’s hard to achieve when you are not at peace.  The Lord was David’s source of rest in whatever challenges he was facing. 

Finally in verse 8, David declares that his trust in the Lord is unwavering.  When things are going great, and when things are a mess and out of control … David trusted at all times.  In an expression of his trust in the Lord, David encourages us to “pour out your heart before Him.”  I love that.  I see it as both giving an expression of honor and praise to the Lord, but also allowing us to vent frustrations and call out for help.  There’s no scientific prayer to that, it’s just us speaking our minds and hearts to the Lord.

As we begin the 2018 season together let’s be intentional about taking the elements of this passage in Psalms and applying it to our lives. As we look for the perseverance, strength and focus to get through the season ahead let’s look to the Lord as our provider and source of rest.  Finally, let’s activate ourselves in prayer to communicate daily with the Lord an expression of what’s on our hearts.   When we get back together in Texas we’ll grab verse 5 and explore what it’s like to position our hearts to receive from the Lord and make Him our source of hope. 

Jeff Myers