Efficiency in Waiting

I’ve always joked, but not really, that a core value of mine is efficiency.  When I was a kid we had a long driveway. So, when the mail was delivered I always had my mother time how long it took me to get the mail.  Could I just take a leisurely stroll down the driveway and kick a few rocks on the way?  I guess, but the thought of doing something slow that easily could be done faster was just more than I could rationalize with. 

Psalm 62:5
My soul, wait in silence for God only,
For my hope is from Him.

While I do value efficiency it is a double-edged sword.  If everything has to happen immediately as I am ready to tackle it then my tolerance for being patience suffers greatly.  However, patience … while inwardly frustrating … is exactly what the Psalmist is seemingly asking us to exercise.   My core value of efficiency is screaming, saying that waiting equates to lack of progress!

Sometimes I struggle recognizing that God is at work even when I don’t see anything happening.  Many times in life I’ve found myself in a situation where the realization comes that in fact God had been orchestrating things for a long time, and that not one experience was an outlier in my timeline of life.  Every victory, every pain, and every lesson learned sooner or later is going to be exactly what I need for what lies ahead.

The Psalmist, David, is encouraging us to recognize that in the waiting is where progress is made.  It’s putting our hope, our trust, in Him and not looking elsewhere for answers.  Our dreams, goals, and passions only thrive and are fulfilled when He is able to be our source of encouragement and strength. 

We find that fresh perspective and vitality when we live in such a way that allows God to speak to us.  It’s not that I have to give God permission, but that we take time to intentionally connect with Him and disconnect from distractions.  Yes, that means getting alone and having a personal conversation with the Lord, but it also means that we ensure our “spiritual antenna” is always up.  While going through your day allow the Lord to prompt you to reflect on His goodness, to notice and respond to the needs of others, and to be encouraged by His peace and presence. 

Let’s trust that the Lord cares about efficiency just as much as we do.  He’s not withholding any plans and purposes for our lives.  While the frustrations and setbacks may come, we still have the confidence in knowing He is at work through it all.

Jeff Myers