Splitting Wood

It’s winter and it’s cold, which stirs up my desire to keep wood burning in the fireplace. 

A couple seasons ago there was a driver who started out the year red hot.  His car looked good, had great speed and he was wheeling it well.  After taking note of this I stopped by his trailer and said, “You look great out there, you really found something over the winter.”   He said, “No, I just moved and got a house with a wood burning fireplace.”

Not exactly the response I was expecting.  However, it made sense.  He had been splitting wood all winter and in the process packed some muscles on his arms and shoulders.   The newly found speed was from his strength and stamina inside the super sportsman that lacks power steering.  

I love that this driver received a benefit even when he wasn’t striving for it.  He didn’t have a daily quota of wood to split rain or shine.  His wife was not waving a checkered flag when he finished to keep him motivated.  He was simply living life and enjoying the warmth of his fireplace.   This is how things are with the Lord. When we come into agreement with Him we receive without striving.  

I view striving as when we wrestle and frustratingly calculate ways to perform.  It is consuming and controlling.   Compare that to 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.”  Here we find instruction to let go and be at rest.  He is allowing us to just to live life and enjoy the warmth of His love. In the difficulties of life and in our ability to perpetually fall short of perfection this is welcomed news.

Take time now to identify where you have struggles and striving.  From relationships and finances to making sure the car is ready for the first test day – He’s there.  Turn over your areas of stress to the Lord and ask for provision, favor, creative solutions, and for clarity to hear His voice.  Life is short but full of adventure. Let’s not get distracted by the things that may wear us down.  Cast it off! 

You may want to get a wood burning fireplace too. Your call.  

Jeff Myers