It's what we do. 

Once a racer, always a racer.  Motorsports are filled with dedicated people blessed with unique gifts and talents.  While the demanding sport consumes incredible amounts of time and resources, it is also home to true community. 

It’s that passion for sport and community that parallels the definition of Christian living. We are called to have our hearts consumed by Him.  We steward our resources and abilities not to pursue glory, but to give honor.  It’s our race to live in a passionate pursuit of Him to advance His love.

Pursuing God with unfailing dedication. (Psalm 63:1)
At the track and in the shop, in our community and in our hearts, we’re Always Racing. 



Always Racing is a 501c3 chaplaincy ministry that provides pastoral care, trauma care, and spiritual growth to the motorsports community.  

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Chaplain Jeff Myers

Rev. Jeff Myers is a full-time motorsports chaplain serving many professional racing communities.  Jeff, an ordained minister, is part of Chaplains Collective and the Motor Racing Outreach Association. Jeff, his wife Brooke, and children Olivia, Jay, and Patricia are based out of central Pennsylvania. 


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AR Supports Chaplains Collective:

We are to grow a thriving collective of engaged chaplains who are equipped and empowered through meaningful connections, training, and resources.