What is a chaplain?

Chaplains are ministers who serve outside of the traditional church context to a specific community.    Many time they serve a population of people who are unable to receive ministry due to time and travel requirements.  Chaplaincy is common in professional sports, corporations, public safety, and the military. 

Why Motorsports Chaplaincy?

Once a racer, always a racer.  Motorsports are filled with dedicated people blessed with unique gifts and talents.  While the demanding sport consumes incredible amounts of time and resources, it is also home to true community. 

It’s that passion for sport and community that parallels the definition of Christian living.  It's only natural to receive the spiritual, emotional and relational care in the same context.  

Coast to Coast Chaplaincy

It's the goal of Always Racing to have a chaplain serving every race track that runs weekly, and every touring series in the United States.  We have partnered with Chaplains Collective to see this vision come to pass. 

Additionally, Always Racing supports the motorsports ministry of Finding the Finish, as well as Chaplain Mike Arnold with the NASCAR Pintys Series. 




Always Racing is a 501c3 chaplaincy ministry that provides pastoral care, trauma care, and spiritual growth to the motorsports community.  

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Chaplain Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers is an ordained minister and founding member of Always Racing and the Chaplains Collective.  Jeff is a motorsports chaplain serving many professional racing communities and is a consultant to non-profits.   Jeff, his wife Brooke, and children Olivia, Jay, and Patricia are based out of northern California.