This week: World of Outlaws

We will be posting our 2019 shortly! Next up: Brooke and I head to PA to officiate the Kody Lehman / Carrie Zirkle wedding!


The Latest at Always Racing:

The 2018 season was one of highs, and some very low lows.  During these low times it really brought an awareness of how important family and relationships are.  Going into the off season we'll be launching an effort to help make our families and marriages closer.  It's going to be a fun and interactive, not a drag of blame and frustration. 

Brooke and I will facilitate the program for free in you are in the racing community.  If you are outside of the racing community but still would like to take advantage of the opportunity please let us know and we'll still help.  

Please watch our social media accounts and emails for details on how to get involved. 

Current Devotional: Building on Love

The older my children get the less I have to answer the small questions that allow them to get through their day.  I don’t want them calling or texting me 20 times a day asking if they can have a snack.  The goal in parenting is not that they seek me for permission all day, but to take on the proper mindset and knowledge to make proper decisions. 

I was in a conversation with someone who had read my devotional on prayer (if you have not read it check it out).  They were encouraged by the devotional to start praying but it didn’t take long before they grew frustrated. I started to realize in the conversation that we needed to look at another aspect of our faith and relationship with the Lord ... Read More

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