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Stay CurrentIt's Shop Time

With on-track activities done for the season we'll be working to conduct shop visits.  We'll be releasing our 2017 year in review just before Thanksgiving.  

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    "Lego's and Prayers"
    Over the years my kiddos have compiled a pretty sizable and unique collection of Lego building blocks in the house. Despite our best sorting of blocks I still spend 99% of my time finding the block I need and 1% building. It’s complicated, but that’s ok. 

    Lego’s are not supposed to be efficient – the struggle is part of the reward in the end. All too often we...
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  • Recent Devotional

    "That's in the Bible?"
    A fairly common occurrence at the racetrack is someone asking me what the Bible says about a particular subject or what my interpretation of a verse is. I honestly love those conversations because its thought provoking for both of us and we each gain some new perspective. 

    Recently during one of these conversations...
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    Travel back in time.
    View the devotional archives on Always Racing.
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